Aged Pure Rice Authentic Mirin

AIZAKURA Pure Rice Authentic Mirin is crafted in Mikawa, a region that’s one of Japan’s most prominent for its thriving brewing industry. The ingredients consist solely of mochi rice and rice koji, both hailing from Mikawa, and domestically produced genuine shochu.

By processing the ingredients in the very land where they grew, we maximize the deliciousness of the materials to their fullest potential.

The brewing mixture is a richly indulgent blend resurrected from the notes of our founder’s grandfather, dating back to the early 1900s. While typical pure rice mirin matures over a span of three months, our mirin is aged for around six months, classifying it as a long-term moromi (raw sake).

We extract the mirin using the traditional “Sase-style” method, and after an additional one to three years of aging, it is then delivered to you.
Our mirin, with its rich color, and umami and sweetness that are profoundly intense and rich compared to conventional varieties, is realized through such a meticulous crafting process.

Product Details

One-Year Aged
Pure Rice Authentic Mirin

Three-Year Aged
Pure Rice Authentic Mirin


Ginza Fujiyama

– One star Michelin

By using AIZAKURA in broth and pan-searing sake, many food connoisseurs are raving about the distinction it creates from other establishments through cooking and flavoring that brings out depth and umami.

Mejiro Zorome

– Unagi / Freshwater Eel

AIZAKURA is incorporated into the rich and aromatic eel sauce. The combination of both 3-year aged and 1-year aged mirin contributes to a deeper flavor profile.

“We don’t use sugar, so the sweetness comes solely from AIZAKURA mirin. The texture is distinct, and the flavor is overwhelmingly different”.

Mirin can also be enjoyed as an alcoholic beverage

AIZAKURA Pure Rice Authentic Mirin is not limited to being just a seasoning. It is also a rich “alcoholic beverage” endowed with the sweetness and umami that nature has produced. With an alcohol content of around 14%, it has a thick and smooth taste. It’s recommended on the rocks or mixed with soda. Not only for those who enjoy sake or shochu, but even those who aren’t particularly fond of alcohol will be surprised by the deliciousness of this sweet sake.

  • Soda Mix

    Fill a glass with ice, and pour in mirin and soda in a 1:1 ratio. This is a soda mix that can be enjoyed all year round. A bit of squeezed lemon also adds a refreshing flavor. This is our top recommendation.

  • Sangria

    Mix AIZAKURA three-year aged and red wine in a ratio of your preference. Soak cut apples, citrus fruits, and berries. Squeezing in citrus juice will make it even more delicious.